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John Upperton   SOHwithMS   BYMT  

Recital - John Upperton (Tenor)                               Show of Hands with Miranda Sykes                                                             BYMT - Cello Massif

    20th June at 11.00 am                                                20th June at 8.00 pm                                                                                  21st June at 4.00 pm 


BYMT-orch         BG-3               JG

          BYMT - New Generation Big Band                                              Songwriters Workshop with Benny Gallagher                             An Evening with Jimmy Greaves

                 22nd June at 8.00 pm                                                                       23rd June at 8.00 pm                                                                       24th June at 8.00 pm



Friend-AASG   Metier-1   M-Driver

   Reception for Friends of AASG                                                                     Metier Ensemble Concert                                                 Mickie Driver - Bless 'em All

         25th June at 7.00 pm                                                                                  25th June at 8.00 pm                                                          26th June at 2.00 pm



PROrch       Pianist   SGCO-2

             Pasadena Roof Orchestra                                                          Recital - Siobhain O'Higgins (Piano)                                St George's Chamber Orchestra

                26th June at 8.00 pm                                                                        27th June at 11.00am                                                       27th June at 8.00 pm



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St. George’s Parish Church has wheelchair access and a hearing aid loop system.

It is two minutes from Beckenham Junction trains and trams, bus routes 54, 162, 227, 354 and 367 run past the Church, and there is ample parking nearby.”



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